Homes are offices for many of us, as remote working seems set to stay. Here are some of our tips on rituals for deep breathing, collected thoughts and productive days.

Tea time

In place of your coffee fix, a loose leaf herbal tea could help your focus. We suggest rose tea, which is known to soothe the emotions. Research has shown that regular drinkers of the tea are less likely to experience insomnia, fatigue or anxiety. To pick yourself up, try yerba mate, peppermint or matcha teas.  


Purifying plants

Plants are great work buddies, removing pollutants and improving air quality. And you don’t have to be ‘plant parent’ to a family of foliage — NASA’s Clean Air study found that just one plant per 100 square feet can freshen stuffy rooms. Suggestions include the Peace Lily, Parlor Palm or Cornstalk Dracaena.



Essential oils can do wonders for your frame of mind — try a few drops on a handkerchief, on pulse points, or massaged into the soles of the feet for a reflexology effect. Lemon is thought to focus the mind, while lavender relieves stress and jasmine boosts confidence.      


Power of music

While foot-tapping tracks are best avoided for work, relaxing music played at a comfortable volume is a good bet for concentration. Studies show that baroque music — like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons — has the perfect beat. If that’s not your thing, perhaps go for nature tracks, film scores, ambient music, jazz or electronic music. 


Changing things up

A perk of remote working is being able to keep active. Moving your workspace (or yourself) around occasionally can bring a fresh perspective to your work. Stretching your neck and back will avoid desk slump. A stroll or yoga poses in breaks boosts circulation, or try ‘Two Minute Moves’ — a breezy YouTube workout to be done standing at your desk.