The little things in life, like the slippers you choose, can help build a sustainable future for the planet. Made to last, from natural and recycled materials, our slippers are crafted with comfort and mother earth in mind.  We have made great strides to reduce our carbon footprint.

Upper Materials

The finest organic wool and GRS™ certified recycled polyester, which was destined for landfill, are what makes our stretchy uppers so supple. Our production methods are both ethically responsible and environmentally friendly. 

Lining Material

Our unique Qaiwool lining is cruelty-free and boasts outstanding natural qualities. Made to high animal welfare standards, our wool is sourced from Australian farms that do not practice mulesing, a painful lamb-shearing technique that is commonplace in the industry today. The wool hugs your skin, regulating your body’s temperature and keeping your feet fresh and dry.

Outsole material

Our specially designed, wear resistant TPU outsole is crafted with durability and sustainability in mind — meaning that you can practically live in your HiLounge slippers.

TPU is a thermoplastic that absorbs impact and adds stability and grip to our shoes. More lightweight and longer lasting than rubber, TPU is bendable and highly resistant to tearing and damage. Most importantly our TPU material is composed of recycled plastic which is GRS™ certified.


We designed our packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our box is made from recycled cardboard and is certified FSC™. The innovative, clean packaging contains zero plastic, glue or chemicals — simplicity is kind to the planet.

Machine Washable

Caring for your slippers couldn’t be easier. Our slippers can be cleaned in your washing machine.

Firstly, remove the insoles. Toss the slippers into the washing machine on a cool delicate cycle with a gentle detergent (it’s important to ensure you avoid bleach). 

Simply leave your slippers to dry in fresh air (do NOT tumble dry).

All done! Replace the sole, and you’re good to go.

As we strive to make the best slippers available and constantly improve our processes and materials, you’ll be able to wear your slippers day in, day out. When the time eventually comes (which will be after a very very long time) to part ways, pop your slippers in your local shoe recycling bin so that their eco-friendly journey will go on.