Hundreds of HiLounge Kickstarter backers have received the first pairs of our cosy and versatile slipper — just in time for the peak of winter. Interest in our new product has come in from all over the world, as far and wide as Singapore, Australia, Singapore and Europe, with most of our backers based in the USA.

Qaimew was thrilled to dramatically surpass our fundraising target over the 40 days of the campaign, which closed in August. With £60,032 pledged by 903 backers — tripling the original £16,000 goal, our slipper is on its way to becoming a household name.

Our story began in London back in January 2019. As a product design company that specializes in solving everyday problems, we wanted to enhance the traditional house slipper. Designed to be worn both indoors and outside, the rain and dirt repellant felt slipper features a plush merino wool insole and a two piece adaptable upper. It is warm, comfy and durable. 

After drafting a shoe, testing prototypes and completing the final designs, we launched a Kickstarter project in May 2020. We were humbled and amazed by the success of the campaign. The first shoes went into immediate production in August and are currently backers being shipped to our backers.


Supporters received a pair of slippers, a duo pack or a family pack of four, with donations of $49 to $179 or more. They completed a survey to pick a color scheme for their shoes. The upper is in light gray or charcoal, with a choice of outsoles — yellow for a burst of color, black for a discrete look or ivory for a muted look. The popular initiative also saved backers up to 55% on the future retail price of the slippers.


If you missed our first steps on Kickstarter, all is not lost! You can now proudly own a pair of HiLounge slippers by purchasing them directly from our e commerce store.